Golf Lingo G K

GHIN - No, this is not part of your face... Developed by the USGA, to calculate handicaps, this nationwide system is called Golf Handicap Information Network. 

gimme - A short putt very close to the hole that your playing partners award you. You don`t have to putt your ball. You`ll hear, "That`s a gimme!" during a casual and friendly round, but it is not within the rules of golf. Good on the "next" shot not the last. 

grain - This term is important when determining your putting strategy on the green. It is the direction in which the blades of grass point on the green, which contributes to the speed and direction of your putt. 

green - The area of a golf hole on the course designed for putting. The grass is extremely short and well-manicured. 

green fee - A fee charged a golfer to play on a golf course. Prices do vary, a public course is usually less expensive than a golf resort. 

grip - The top part of the club held by the golfer, usually made from leather or rubber. Also, the manner in which the club is held. The two most common grips are the "Vardon grip," (or overlapping) after golfer Harry Vardon, in which the pinky of the bottom hand overlaps between the index and middle finger of the upper hand, and the "Interlocking grip" in which the the index finger of the top hand is interlocked with the pinky of the bottom. 

gross score - The score before you apply the deduction of your handicap. 

ground under repair - Often mentioned in the Rules of golf. It is an area on the golf course undergoing maintenance or repair. If your ball lands in this area, you are allowed to remove your ball without penalty. 

handicap - Designed to allow golfers of all levels (beginners to advanced) to compete together on an equitable basis. This is an allowance in strokes given to a player based on their past and current performance. 

hazard - Any obstructive or difficult feature of a golf course such as lakes, ponds, fences, molehills, or bunkers. 

hole - Where you want your golf ball to end up eventually. A small cylinder cut into the ground and measuring 4 1/4 inches in diameter and at least 4 inches deep, located on the green of a golf course. hole in one - A score of one on a hole -- an amazing feat! 

honor - The privilege of teeing off first on a hole, usually given to the player who scores the lowest on the previous hole. 

hook - A golf shot that curves strongly from right to left. For the right-handed golfer this shot usually lands left of their target (the direction would be opposite for the left-handed golfer). In the past this term was often likened to draw. A draw is a controlled right to left shot with a moderate curve. 

hosel - The hollow portion of the clubhead where the shaft is attached, also referred to as the neck.